Artist Statement.

I have always worked with the idea that it is the gesture and response to be found in landscape painting that is important to me.
Working outside in the elements with the changing light, shadows and forms and trying to capture and describe this moment is where I find myself as a painter.
Outdoor painting is the basis of what I do, looking to nature and the excitement of finding new color harmonies and forms that can be translated into larger studio works. As a plein air artist I recognize that everything is subject to change, so there has to be room for the unexpected and readiness to take hold of it.
Many of my small outdoor paintings are used for the creation of larger studio works, some of these are direct enlargements of the study or can be a combination of memory and invention. I always try to push myself as a painter and experiment with technique and color, in my work I need to have lively passages of thin and thick applications of paint and edges lost and found. It is always a challenge to try to retain the freshness and vigor of an outdoor sketch when I am creating a larger studio piece but one I welcome.
The landscape where we find ourselves can always be re-discovered and I know for myself I am humbled and grateful that I have that opportunity. 

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