Answers to some of your questions:

Q. What colors are on your palette
Titanium White, Cad Yellow Light, Cad Yellow, Cad Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Viridian. This is my basic palette, I might add some special colors if needed.
Q. What brand of paint do you use.
It varies but the most consistent paint I like is from Vasari, Rembrandt and Gamblin.
Q. What do you paint on
In the field I use a linen mounted to a thin panel. RayMar make some of the best I have found. I also make my own from masonite. In the studio for larger works I use stretched linen or canvas, sometimes gator board with linen.
Q. Do you varnish your paintings
I use a removeable varnish called Gamvar from Gamblin
Q. Do you paint outside in all weather
Yes I paint in all weather and love to paint snow scenes
Q. Do you ever paint from photographs
If I am working on a larger studio painting I may refer to a photograph I have taken for added reference but never copy directly. I rely on my small sketch and memory first.
Q. What type of outdoor easel do you use
I have several but the one I use most at the moment is a small wooden pochade box from EasyL which mounts to a camera tripod.


American Impressionist Society
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association

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